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Meet the Siloam Valley Family:


 Dacian and Duane manage the cabins.  It truly is a family affair.  We work together along with our two children, Alex and Kendall, to keep things clean, comfortable and inviting for our guests.  

Dacian is a mommyprenuer, piano teacher and Christian counselor with a Masters in Family Life Ministry.  Duane teaches film at a local highschool.  Alex and Kendall love Minecraft, Anime and having fun with their friends.

We are people of faith and our belief in Jesus as the Christ is our foremost passion.  We consider our farm a ministry to families.  We love giving families a safe and comfortable place where they can get together, stay together and create life long memories as they go. 

Barbara is the matriarch.  We call her momma and granny and great granny.  She's a caregiver and an amazing woman.  As a mother of 4 grown children, 11 grandchildren and 4 great grandchildren, she spends her time taking care of the farm, enjoying her hobby with pneumatics (coin collecting) and blessing her family with her acts of service. 

Barbara owns the Gopher Wood Getaway and the main part of the farm around it.  

She is a retired business owner and bookkeeper. She lost her husband of 54 years in March of 2021. 

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