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Commonly Asked Questions:

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Q- Do you provide paper products?

A- We provide a starter roll of paper towels and a box of tissues.  Because our cabins are on a septic system we will provide all the septic-safe toilet paper for your stay.  We keep the bathrooms stocked for you.

Tent spots will need to bring their own toilet paper.  We DO NOT  keep the portable toilets stocked.

Q- Do you provide towels?

A- Yes! Each of our cabins provide enough bath and kitchen towels to cover everyone on the reservation. There are no showers for our tent sites.  

Q- Is there a coffee maker?

A- Yes! Each cabin has a Keurig style coffee maker and we do provide a starter set of K-cups

Q- What size is the refrigerator?

A- Each cabin has a full size refrigerator for your convenience.

Q- Do you provide lines?

A- Yes! Each of our cabin beds have sheets and comforters. We also have linens for the sofa beds.  Any cots or bed rolls will be BYOB.  Bring your own bedding!

Q- What about pets?

A- In our PREMIERE CABINS, pets are limited to healthy and vaccinated dogs under 45 lbs.  In general we ask that pets remain leashed when outside if not obedient to voice commands, kenneled when the owner is not with the pet and that all potty breaks are picked up and properly disposed of in a timely manner.  Pet fees are $60 for the first and an extra $30 for the second per stay.  And sorry... Due to severe allergies in the family NO CATS allowed.

Tent spots also welcome pets.  We do require pets to follow the quiet time hours of 10pm to 8am.  Pets need to stay on leash if not obedient to voice commands and all potty breaks need to be picked up in a timely manner.  Absolutely NO pets in tent spots without owners. There are several great kennels in the area. Pet fee for tent spaces is $25 for the stay. Tent spot pets are limited to 1 pet per spot. For the safety of all guests, please keep pets contained to your tent spot area and away from other guests. 

Q- What about smoking and alcohol?

A- Siloam Valley is a NO SMOKING campus.  NO PARTIES. No alcohol use allowed on the campus. No smoking or vaping of any kind anywhere on the campus is permitted.  No illegal substances allowed.  If evidence is found of any such use during your stay, you will be asked to leave immediately and if needed local law enforcement will be called.  

If you would like to use some light alcohol for communion purposes, permission must be given beforehand. 

Q- Are we allowed to hike and fish during our stay?

A- Yes! There are acres of trails and a 5 acre stocked lake to enjoy.  We do request NO swimming or boating of any kind due to liability and insurance issues.  If you don't have room in your car for the fishing poles, just rent some of ours.  We've got you covered.  All cabin and tent guests are welcome to use the farm fully.

Q- What do I do with my trash?

A- The main trash for the farm is located at the Charis Cabin.

For Charis guests this means simply walk the trash down the drive to the cans along the road.  For Gopher Wood Guests you can either walk/drive your trash down or place it bagged and well sealed in the can located near the Gopher Wood.  Detailed instructions are in the cabin for you when you arrive.

We also request that if you pack it in, you pack it out as you enjoy exploring the farm. We do not provide trash receptacles anywhere except in the cabins.  So if you take a hike, please bring your trash back to the cabin with you. 

Tent campers are expected to clean up their space for the next guests before checking-out. There are not trash cans on tent sites.  You will need to pack your trash and put in the farm cans near the Charis.

Q- Can we have local family visit us during our stay?

A- Guests may have company with permission.  Simply reach out and let us know how many you plan to have over. We would request no overnight guests unless they are on the reservation and all friends and family need to follow the rules listed above and below. All guests assume all liability and responsibility for friends and family.

Q- Are there grocery stores or restaurants nearby?

A- For last minute forgotten items or a quick grocery run, there is a Dollar General right off the Corinth/Owenton Exit #144 from I-75.  It's about 5 miles from Siloam Valley.  The closest big box stores are Ruler Foods in Williamstown near the Ark, Walmart in Dry Ridge at Exit #159 or Kroger or Walmart in Georgetown Exit #126.  Dry Ridge and Georgetown are 25-30 minutes from the cabin.  

Restaurants can be found in Williamstown near the Ark, Dry Ridge 25 minutes north or Georgetown 25 minutes south from Siloam Valley.  Each of our cabins have guide books with this information included.  Tent campers may request an electronic copy of the guide book.

Q- How do I make my reservation?

A- Making a reservation is simple.  Just enter your dates.  Then pick your cabin or tent site. Click "reserve".  Add your desired add-ons.  And pay securely online.  If you have any issues while creating your reservation, please contact us at (or text us at 859-322-8424)

Q- Do your cabins have wi-fi??

A- NO!  We are designed to be a get-a-way location for families.  We do not provide wi-fi for guests.  We do provide lots of toys, games and activities to keep guests busy.  And there is lots to explore on the farm.  We also provide a lot of extras for a fee like fishing pole rental, stroller rental, telescope rental and MORE!  Visit our Store for details on EXTRAS.  But you will not find yourself missing wi-fi, TV or streaming channels.

Q- Do your cabins have TVs??

A- Nope! No TV's either.  We are truly a getaway location.  There is plenty of fun to be had outside! So get out and enjoy God's creation during your stay.

Q- Are reservations refundable??

A- Reservations and add-ons are fully refundable minus a small 4% convenience fee as long as they are cancelled at least 24 hours before your arrival. Last minute cancellations within 24 hours of check in local time, will pay the first night, then any nights after can be cancelled with full refund (no convenience fee when one cancelled night is payed) as long as it is at least 24 hours from check in on that day.  We do ask our guests to honor the cost of maintaining a farm and try not to cancel unless absolutely necessary. When possible please reschedule or take credit for a future reservation. However, we understand life happens.  And don't mind to refund when you have to cancel due to sickness or situations out of your control.

Q- What about church groups??

A- Right now we have the two cabins available and can accommodate groups up to 16 people. We gladly welcome church groups to come fellowship on our farm!  It's a great way to getaway and retreat together. We do ask that this be families.  We frown upon youth groups without appropriate adult supervision. Keep in mind that we do request anyone under 18 be with a trusted adult when exploring the farm.  So if you want to bring a small youth group, we ask there are enough adult chaperones included in the 16 number. 

Church groups can also utilize the tent campsites with or without cabin rentals.

Q- Are the cabins right next to each other??

A-No.  They are about .4 miles apart on the same side of the road.  Groups wanting to stay together are welcome to drive or walk to the neighboring cabin for fire pit/grill out.  But families coming solo need not worry about being bothered by guests in the other cabin.  They are far enough apart and the farm is large enough that guests can roam and explore unhindered.  And yet close enough together than groups can enjoy time together when needed. 

Q- Will my cell phone work on the farm???

A- Most major cellular carriers work fine on the farm.  You can check service on your carrier by using the following address:  745 Pleasant Grove Rd ~ Corinth, KY. 

Gopher Wood Getaway guests will have the best cell service.  There is nothing hindering cell service in this area of the farm.  Charis guests should expect their cell service inside the cabin to be limited.  The cabin sits down in a valley on the farm, but a quick walk up the hill or drive up the road and phones will work fine.  When our family stays there, we usually download things on tablets before we leave.  That way they don't have to stream and can run off the device itself.  

Tent campers should expect full service while at the tent site.  

In general, while roaming the farm, cellular service is limited on the lower parts of the farm.

Have more questions?  Please contact us!  We are glad to help.

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